What is BriM (Bridging Milestones)?

Bridging Milestones is a program that connects youths in two critical milestones: high school and postsecondary.

Designed by youths who themselves are in post secondary (and understand the importance of proactively preparing), the program pairs students in high school with compatible* students in post secondary for ongoing one-on-one* mentorship. These biweekly (2X/month) sessions offer high school youths valuable insight on navigating secondary and post-secondary in all aspects, from academics to extracurriculars to wellness. The sessions also offer an enriching volunteer experience for post secondary mentors.

In addition, the program features four main cohort events for all participants, challenging them to further develop leadership skills and providing a platform to network and grow both personal and professional circles.

 Program goals: 


* Compatibility is determined by 1) mentor's current faculty and mentee’s academic interest and 2) similar extracurricular interests.


* Biweekly one-on-one sessions do not have a prescribed format. 


Note: All cohort meetings will be virtual. One-on-one meetings may be virtual or in person as mutually agreed upon. 

Mentor Eligibility*: 


Mentee Eligibility*: 


* Mentor or mentee eligibility is not restricted to age. If you meet the criteria stated above, please apply even if you aren’t a youth. 

 Application forms:



Vivek Acharya (BriM Program Coordinator) : vivek.acharya@weandtheworld.ca 

Rupiksha Nyachhyon (Events) : rupiksha.nyachhyon@weandtheworld.ca 

Aditee Gyawali (Events) : aditee.gyawali@weandtheworld.ca 

Manira Gautam (Communications): manira.gautam@weandtheworld.ca 

Sadiksha Khanal (Intake) : sadiksha.khanal@weandtheworld.ca 

Tejaswi Bhandari (Intake) : tejaswi.bhandari@weandtheworld.ca 

Benju Paudel (Business) : benju.paudel@weandtheworld.ca

Vivek Acharya

Hello! I’m Vivek and I am the Program Coordinator for BriM. As a recent Computing Science graduate from the U of A, I understand starting the journey from High School can seem daunting. I’m excited to help drive this program forward alongside an amazing team and looking forward to the change we can bring together!

Aditee Gyawali

Hi everyone! My name is Aditee and I am a second year student studying Immunology and Infection at the University of Alberta. I am one of the two Events Executive for BriM and I am so excited to be working with the rest of the Executive Team in planning and organizing a fun and fulfilling experience for our mentors and mentees!

Rupiksha Nyachhyon

Hi everyone! My name is Rupi and I am a third year Neuroscience student at the University of Alberta. I will be the Events Executive for BriM this cycle. I’m so excited to plan and present some fun and engaging events for you!  

Manira Gautam

Hi everybody! I’m Manira Gautam and I am a second year BSc student at the University of Alberta. I am the Communications Executive at BriM. I am very excited to be a part of this team and hope that this program will allow for personal and academic growth for both our mentees and mentors! 

Benju Paudel

Hey everyone! I’m Benju Paudel and I’m a second year BCyc student at Macewan University. I’m the Business Executive for BriM and I’m so excited to work with all of the team - executives, mentors and mentors - and to watch all the wonderful things we do together!

Tejaswi Bhandari

Tejaswi is currently in grade 12 and she is one of two Intake Executives for BriM. She is delighted to be a part of the BriM team and hopes that all our mentors and mentees have a fulfilling time at BriM and that everyone can make the most of it!

Sadiksha Khanal

Hi everyone! My name is Sadiksha Khanal and I am a second year undergraduate student studying biochemistry at the University of Alberta. I am the University mentor recruitment Executive for BriM and am very much excited to work with the mentors so they are able to provide support and guidance to our mentees!