Objectives of the Centre

      • Advance ideas and practices of intercultural wisdoms so as to uphold human values and compassion-driven accomplishments for personal and professional growth
      • Engage children, youth and adults in teaching-learning programs of heritage language and culture through innovative educational curricula
      • Innovate, design and launch online or blended research and training programs for the development of employability, people, life, presentation, and leadership skills
      • Create and publish cross-cultural literature, art and music; promote and practice recreation, sports, yoga, meditation, eco-healing and art of better living
      • Provide members and clients with counseling and mentoring services, career planning avenues, settlement supports and community wellness initiatives
      • Offer best possible supports to needy or vulnerable groups including seniors and disables through the practice of volunteerism, charity, scholarship, and welfare programs
      • Develop the possibilities of community partnership and offer value-based service programs for individuals, families and communities as deemed necessary